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  This helps families plan ahead for their new Bernedoodle puppy. 

We raise CKC Standard and Mini Bernedoodle puppies in colors black and white, phantom, sable, and tri color.   


A Past Bernedoodle Puppy With One Of His New Family Members

“Puppies and children just seem to go together.”

Ebony & Diamond Bernedoodle Puppies

Pet Prices Are As Follows

 Standard  Black and White:  $2,500.00 to $3,000.00   

Mini Black and White  $3,500.00 to $4,000.00

Merle Marked Puppies Will Be $6,000.00 to $6,500.00  Regardless Of Size

Standard Size  55 -100 lbs   Tri-Color:  $4,000.00 to $4,500.00   

Mini  Tri-color  25 to 50 lbs   $5,000.00 to $6,000.00

EBONY  Ebony is our lovely Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Ebony is in the mid to smaller side of the Bernese Mountain Dog.  She weighs about  90-100 Pounds 

Ebony comes from championship lines and will be the mother to our Standard and Mini Bernedoodle litter

The puppies should be in mini size range from 40-50 lbs to standard size range from 55-70 lbs full grown  It can be expected that some of the puppies will be about the Mom’s size as these are F1 Bernedoodle and the genes will determine the size etc


Diamond weighs 18 lbs

DIAMOND is pictured here in a sweet continental hair cut.  He is a small AKC Miniature Merle Phantom Poodle.  

DIAMOND is the choice sire to Ebony’s planned litter.   Diamond does not belong to us. 

He was hired as a stud for Ebony and lives about four and half hours from us with his family in Ohio

  He is a beautiful boy with a gorgeous white chest,  awesome conformation,  and a great even bite! 

He has lots of white on his muzzle,  forehead, and has a beautifully marked phantom merle body.   Diamond is as beautiful in person as he is in his photograph

 Diamond is expected to be able to reproduce his sweet temperament and beautiful markings in some of he and Ebony”s puppies!

Ebony and Diamond both have even calm temperaments.  We expect and hope for some very lovely, well marked puppies from he and Ebony  

Diamond is a loving dog with a great outgoing and friendly personality!   We are very excited to have him as our stud for Ebony’s litter of Bernedoodle!

We are appreciative to Diamond’s family for allowing us Diamond’s stud service for this very special litter of Bernedoodle!

Up-Dated 02-25-2021

Ebony and Diamond Were Bred Today,  12-01-2020!

Sadly this breeding was not successful.  Only 1 Puppy!!  Ebony has a beautiful black and white Tri-Color male

We will plan again for Bernedoodle Puppies as soon as possible for 2021. 

We will either use our Standard Poodle or Ebony For The Next Litter of Bernedoodle puppies 2021  

Our email address:   Telephone:   (606) 784-9080

Paid Deposit List 

1  Breeder Choice Male/Female/BI-Color/Tri-Color/Merle 

  2  Jackie Russell   Standard Or Mini Size Female Bi-Color/Tri-Color   Deposit Received 07-14-2020

3  Stafford Rogers and Wendy Brower   Standard Size Female Tri-Color   Deposit Received 09-08-2020

Tim Thompson   Standard Size Male Tri-Color   Deposit Received 09-22-2020






       Puppies are chosen in the order of deposits received/Deposits are non-refundable

Deposits are applied to the cost of your puppy/Deposits May Transfer To Another Puppy Or Litter When Necessary

Note:  We had planned to use ROLO for this breeding but he was not available for stud service at the time we needed him.  We are however very pleased and feel Blessed to have Diamond as our stud for this litter!  We will plan for Diamond or another beautiful stud for the next litter of Bernedoodle, depending on the female or mother we use for the litter.  

  Our puppies and our prices reflect the quality and work that goes into our breeding program.  We breed for healthy, conformationally correct, even tempered family type Bernedoodle in black and white,  phantom, sable, and tri color.

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To be fair our Bernedoodle puppies are placed in the order of deposits received.  We may reserve rights to our pick puppy.