Bernedoodle Puppies 

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Future possibilities for including both the standard size and moyen size Bernedoodle!

We raise CKC Standard Bernedoodle puppies in colors black and white, phantom, sable, and tri color.   We post our planned Bernedoodle Puppy litters as soon as possible on our upcoming litters page.  This helps families plan ahead for their new  Bernedoodle puppy.   

A Past Bernedoodle Puppy With One Of His New Family Members

“Puppies and children just seem to go together.”


We Will Most Likely Breed For These Fabulous Bernedoodle Sometime 2020!  

The Bernedoodle puppy is a mix between a Standard Poodle and A Bernese Mountain Dog.  They are easy going in nature and make great family type pets.  We breed for the black and white, the phantom, sable, and the tri color Bernedoodle.  Keep checking this page for up-coming Bernedoodle puppy news!   Call anytime to get on our waiting list!  Deposits secure a puppy for you.  To be fair our Bernedoodle puppies are placed in the order of deposits received.  We may reserve rights to our pick puppy.