Puppy Guarantee And Contract

Puppies are God’s gift to us.

Puppy Description:  M____ F____  AKC _________________CKC ______________________
Date Born/Whelped _____________________________________________________________
Litter/Puppy Registration Number ___________________________________________________________________________
Name & Registration Number Of DAM _______________________________________________________________________
Name & Registration Number of SIRE ________________________________________________________________________
Breed Of Puppy: AKC Standard Poodle ____CKC Bernedoodle____CKC Golden-Doodle ____CKC Sheepadoodle _____
Date Of Transfer To New Owner (s) __________________________
Puppy Price __________________________________________________
AKC/CKC Limited Registration ________________________________
AKC/CKC Full Registration ____________________________________
All puppies are sold with Limited Registration unless prior agreement is made.  Limited Registration means without breeding rights.
Spay/Neuter Yes ____No ____  This Guarantee Contract is non-transferable to a third party.
Conditions May Apply With Agreements For Full Registration__________________________________________________________________________________
Street ____________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________Zip Code ______________
State _______________________________________________ County ____________________________________________ Country ________________________________
Telephone (______)______________________________________________ Email ___________________________________________________________________________
 DEPOSITS/PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  DEPOSITS may be transferred to the next available litter/puppy if for any reason the purchaser decides not to take the puppy initially put on hold with a deposit as outlined in this agreement:   Notice needs to be given by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old.  This is to help ensure the puppy may be placed with another family as soon as possible.
We believe this puppy to be of sound health, body and mind (disposition/temperament) at time of sale.  The puppy is up to date with vaccinations and worming schedule.  The buyer has 3 days (72 Hours) from the date of purchase to have the puppy examined by a state licensed veterinarian.  Any health problems must be reported to the Seller by the examining veterinarian immediately.
If the puppy/dog is sold with full breeding rights and is bred prior to two years of age and/or has not been tested prior to breeding, the health guarantee is null and void.  Size and coat color as an adult cannot be guaranteed.  It can take up to 3 + years for the coat to be in its final color.  We provide an educated estimate of size and final coat color based on the size and color of the puppy’s sire and dam.
The puppy is guaranteed for 1 year for following genetic health problems: eye retina displacement, thyroid, and heart disease, patellas requiring surgery.  OFA Excellent, Good, & Fair Hip Ratings are considered normal.   Upon signed certified documentation (verification/confirmation) of a genetic health problem listed above to our state licensed veterinarian from the state licensed examining veterinarian or OFA (as appropriate),  the seller agrees to replace the dog at the expense of the buyer.  All veterinarian expenses that may occur in relationship to the puppy/dog is the sole responsibility of the new owner.  We are not responsible for any veterinarian expenses that may occur for the life of the puppy/dog once the puppy/dog is sold and is received by the buyer.  The agreement between buyer and seller is to return/replace the puppy/dog at the new owner/buyer’s expense in the event unforeseen genetic circumstances occur as stated above.  This includes all veterinarian and shipping costs.
Because we cannot control what happens to the puppy/dog after it leaves our facility (exposures etc.);  to avoid problems that may have a negative impact on the life/health of our own puppies/dogs the puppy/dog cannot be returned.  We expect that upon purchasing and adopting the puppy/dog as a new member of your family; that the decisions made pertaining to the puppy/dog hereafter is the buyer’s sole responsibility.  Upon this sale and adoption, the Buyer assumes and agrees that all future decisions and responsibilities that may effect the welfare of the puppy/dog and other people will be the Buyer’s sole responsibility.  This includes veterinarian care, and grooming as necessary for the particular puppy/dog breed.  This also includes careful and conscientious re-homing etc should the Buyer find it necessary to do so for any reason.  The Buyer agrees that the puppy/dog will not be placed in a dog pound, rescue facility, or other environment that is detrimental to the puppy/dog’s safety and well being.  If micro-chipping of the puppy/dog is not done prior to the Buyer taking possession of puppy/dog; Buyer agrees to immediately have a State Licensed Veterinarian micro-chip the puppy/dog, sign and send a copy of the micro-chip record with ID to Seller.  Buyer agrees to keep the micro-chip active for at least one full year from date of purchase or this guarantee/contract is null and void.  In addition, the Buyer agrees to have said pet/puppy spayed/neutered, whichever is appropriate before first heat cycle usually before 7 months old, or as the Buyer’s state licensed Veterinarian recommends.  The Buyer agrees to send Seller signed written documentation of such on the attending state licensed Veterinarian letterhead bearing the said puppy’s microchip number or this Guarantee-Contract will be void.
Signing below serves as confirmation that we are in good conscience entering into, in good faith, a binding agreement under the terms set forth in this Health Guarantee/Deposit/Purchase Contract.  Copies of Health Records/Health Checks By A Licensed Veterinarian Received By Purchaser At Time Of Pick-up.
Seller’s Signature:
Buyer (s) Signature:
 Our location:  650 Ditney Ridge, Morehead, Kentucky 40351    Telephone:  (606) 784-9080