Our girls are beautiful healthy proven dogs with great personality and build.  We strive to raise healthy happy puppies that will give you years of love and companionship.  Our breeding girls are all very nice looking dogs and are good moms to their puppies.  That is important to us.  We want you to be happy with the puppy you purchase from our breeding program.   We believe good moms are important to healthy happy puppies.

50-55 lbs.  25 Inches Withers/Square
This is Crimson.  She is our beautiful sweet mellow medium red AKC Standard Poodle.   She has a simply gorgeous calm attitude and loving personality.  One of her Granddads is a championship show dog in Europe!  We are proud of our beautiful Crimson and her true red pedigree.  Her pedigree holds dear the true red lines of standard and small standard size poodles that are red or apricot.  Her lines go back to the highly sought after Majestic, Palamares, and Shangri La lines.  Crimson produces beautiful true dark red to medium dark red puppies with great form. personality, and presence!!  She is a great dog that loves to be by your side in whatever you do.   
We are proud to say that Crimson is an excellent mommy to her puppies!
50/55 lbs.  About 25 Inches/Withers
Ginseng is a beautiful brown and apricot phantom colored AKC Standard Poodle.  She is a remarkable and sweet girl.  She is super friendly and loves to be near you.  One of her favorite family fun times is to give hugs!  We are delighted to have this girl as part of our family and breeding program.  She is a true treasure to us.   She passes her good looks, intelligence,  and gentle loving personality on to her babies.   Everyone that sees Ginseng loves her on sight!  Ginseng is a great mommy to her puppies. 
55-60 Pounds/26 Inches 
Luna is our lovely lovely AKC Old English Sheepdog.  She has an awesome funny and loving disposition.  She loves to run.  She is loyal and will stay by your side during long walks together.    We are very appreciative to have her as a part of our family and our family breeding program.   She is a wonderful dog and a wonderful mommy to her puppies. 
90-100 Pounds
This is our mellow and sweet Bernese Mountain Dog, Ebony.  She walks through the meadow like a beautiful moving piece of poetry.  She has a gentle and loving nature that we expect to reproduce in her puppies.  Ebony is our one and only Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is from Championship lines.  She has a beautiful deep rust mask with rust markings on her cheeks, legs, under her tail,  and on her eyebrows.  We plan for Ebony to be the mother to our future Bernedoodle Puppies. 


41 Pounds/About 21-22 Inches Withers

This is Ginger.  She is our small medium-dark red AKC Standard Poodle.  She has a nice white marking on her chest.  She weighs 41 pounds!   She is a really good and attentive mom to her babies.  She has a very mild manner and is an even tempered girl.  She is pretty dog with looks and prance that make you stop to see her.  I love her red color which glows in the sunlight (there was no sunlight today when these photos were taken).  One of her favorite things is to find treats tucked inside your hand.   She also loves to run and play like a young puppy so she is a fun girl to interact with.  She likes to be close to to you and seems to try to talk with her pretty brown eyes.  Her parents have excellent red lines that originate out of the old red and apricot lines such as Palmares, Majestic, and Shangri-la lines.  There is lot to be said about that.

38 Pounds/About 20-21 Inches At The Withers

HOPE is our beautiful brown and cream phantom CKC English F1B Mini Golden Doodle.  Hope’s lines are from almost solid lines of imported Championship English Golden Retrievers and from our AKC Standard Poodles that originate from UKC Championship titles.  Her mom was a beautiful English Cream Phantom factored F1B Goldendoodle.   Hope is a petite mini Goldendoodle with a beautiful build and personality.  She has a quiet and gentle demeanor.  She has proven to be great mom to her puppies.  She will be mom to our mini Goldendoodle puppies. 


Expected:  25-30 Pounds

DIAMOND GIRL is our beautiful red and white CKC Parti F1B Mini Goldendoodle.  She is an incredible loving little girl with lots of playful energy and kisses to go around!   We are absolutely in love with her, and are Blessed to have Diamond Girl as a cherished pet and addition to our family’s breeding program.  She is smart and loves to play around in the yard with our three year old Grandson, Chaz.   She likes to be near you and loves to take walks where she can run and play.  Diamond Girl is our new addition and came to us when she was only eight weeks old.   Diamond Girl will be one of our future Moms for pretty little non-shedding mini Goldendoodle like herself!   Watch for Diamond Girl’s puppies sometime in 2022!