Our Planned Litters 

We have plans for beautiful Sheepadoodle and Bernedoodle breedings and to take place December/January 2021. 

 Please refer to our Sheepadoodle and our Bernedoodle pages  

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Luna  Is Our Old English Sheepdog

Update  02-24-2021

We are waiting for Luna to enter into her breeding cycle.  No signs yet!

Luna is like a beautiful child.  She desires to be close to you in such a sweet and endearing way that she makes herself irresistibly huggable.  Her hair is so soft and fluffy to the touch that it is sheer pleasure to feel against your skin.  She comes from beautiful playful healthy Old English Sheepdog lines.  Luna is the mother to our awesome high quality Sheepadoodle Puppies.




ROLO is  a beautiful loving AKC Small Standard Poodle. 

It has become necessary that we change sires for this litter so will not be using Geronimo.    I will be making a decision for the new sire as soon as possible.   We are considering Rolo who is a handsome brown and white parti poodle that is a Grandson to our Geronimo.  And as such has UKC Grand Championship linages.   He is an intelligent fun loving family dog that loves learning lots of tricks taught to him by his family.  Some of his favorite are rolling over, smiling, and giving the high five!   He enjoys riding in the car and going everywhere with his family.  Especially picking up the kids from school!   Rolo does not belong to us.  He will be an outside hired in stud.  Rolo is about 40 pounds of love and puppy dog smartness.











Bernedoodle Litter Planned For Going Home Date April 2021

Bred December 01, 2020! 

Up-date 01-17-2021 

 We are so excited!  She is showing signs of pregnancy!

Please Refer To Our Bernedoodle Page.

Planned Parents





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