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High quality Sheepadoodle Puppies  At Fair and Affordable Prices 


Breeding Is Planned For About June 2020 With Puppies Ready To Go September 2020// CALL OR EMAIL TO GET ON THE 2020 WAITING LIST!

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Planned Parents:  Luna & Geronimo 

Puppy Prices Will Be Set After They Are Born But Should Be In The $1,400.00 Range!

Deposits Are $400.00

Deposits Are Non-Refundable But Will Transfer To Another Puppy or Litter When Necessary! 

Luna  Is Our Old English Sheepdog

LUNA  Is a sweet and funny AKC Old English Sheepdog with a fun loving attitude.  She is about 55 Lbs.   She is very much loved by our family and we are proud to have her in our small breeding program.    Luna has proven to be a wonderful mom to her babies!  Luna is like a beautiful child.  She desires to be close to you in such a sweet and endearing way that she makes herself irresistibly huggable.  Her hair is so soft and fluffy to the touch that it is sheer pleasure to feel against your skin.  She comes from beautiful playful healthy Old English Sheepdog lines.  Luna is the mother to our awesome Sheepadoodle Puppies.


GERONIMO, MAKER OF LEGENDS  Is a gorgeous high quality AKC Standard Poodle.  He is 58 pounds.  His pedigree holds UKC Grand Championship lines and it shows in him and in his sheepadoodle puppies.  He is a loyal and intelligent beloved pet and important contributor to our breeding program.   We could not ask for a better dog than he is for our family! 

Geronimo is a handsome brown and white parti poodle.  He has a cooperative, winning attitude at all times and loves to be near your side.  He also loves to strut his stuff for all others to see.  He is a beautiful dog.  His pedigree holds UKC Grand Championship lines on both sides of his family tree.  His sire is a direct descendent of his UKC Grand Champion lines.  Geronimo is sire to our awesome Sheepadoodle Puppies and to some of our Poodle Puppy litters.  His puppies are always nice high quality puppies with sweet even temperaments.


Sheepadoodle Puppies Planned For 2020.   We expect all the sheepadoodle puppies to be as beautiful as their first litterl!  They were all marked very nice with beautiful markings in all the right places!  We can expect joyful and loving sheepadoodle puppies that will inherit their parent’s great dispositions.  We offer shipping for our puppies or you may choose to pick your puppy up in person.   New owners are responsible for all shipping costs. 

We ship throughout the USA.  We use pet safe airlines with climate controlled quarters for the safety of our puppies and they always arrive to their new owners safe and sound.  However new owners may hire their own certified nanny for airline shipping inside the cabin with other passengers or they may hire their own ground shipping company.  Release of liability agreement will need to be put in place prior to puppy departure from our facility when using private commercial nanny or ground transportation.      

Our home land line telephone number is (606) 784-9080.  Cell phones do not pick up well in our area so it is best to call us at the number listed.  You may also email us at